State tests more than 56k, positive rate around 1%

Posted on July 1, 2020

Governor’s Press Briefing

Today’s briefing took place in the Governor’s New York City office.

    • Thirty-five states have seen increases in coronavirus cases recently, and Dr. Fauci believes, based on current facts, the U.S. could see up to 100,000 new cases per day.  Of these thirty-five states, sixteen now fall under New York’s mandatory quarantine guidelines.

    • States that were in denial about COVID-19 and its effects are now rolling back their reopening plans, which has negative impacts on the economy and has caused more people to get sick and die.

    • The European Union COVID-19 cases are on the decline, and due to the United States’ recent spike in cases they are now banning U.S. travelers.


    • The Governor said the Federal Government has made mistakes handling the coronavirus crisis and that the buck stops at the President’s desk. President Trump has been in denial about the coronavirus since day one and people follow his example and listen to his words. Governor Cuomo called on the President to admit the threat of the virus, admit he was wrong, and wear a mask.


    • COVID-19 DATA: On June 30th total hospitalizations were down to 879- the lowest five-day average since March 18th.