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Direct Support Professionals Week Spotlight on – Shedlyn Bien-Amie

Shedlyn Bien-Amie lives in Spring Valley, NY and works as a Direct Support Professional in CP of NYS Affiliate Jawonio’s Without Walls (WOW) Program. Read more HERE


Spotlight on Direct Support Professionals

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Direct Support Professionals Week Spotlight on – Bernadette Dorisca

Bernadette Dorisca is originally from Haiti, currently resides in Garnerville, NY and works at Jawonio, a CP of NYS Affiliate in Rockland County. Read more HERE.

Spotlight on Direct Support Professionals

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Spotlight on Deborah Hardy 


My name is Deborah Hardy, and I live in Roosevelt, NY. I currently work at Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc (CP Nassau). I’ve been employed with the organization since February of 2014. Prior to working at CP Nassau, I ran a day care.  In addition to running my day care, I cared for my sickly mother. In doing so, I realized that I truly enjoy assisting others.

After the loss of my mother, I wanted to be there for others who were in need of assistance. CP Nassau is located in my local community and I knew I could be of assistance to individuals who receive services from the organization.

The most rewarding part of my job is supporting the individuals that are being served. I enjoy working with the participants in my program. It brings me joy to see smiles on their faces daily. In their own ways, they express their love and appreciation for my support and that motivates me to continue doing what I do. I provide assistance, support and encouragement to the individuals that attend program. The individuals I support have various physical and/or intellectual disabilities. I assist them with preparing and eating their meals, using the restroom, walking and/or getting around in their wheelchair and managing their money. I am here to motivate them and encourage them to maximize their abilities.

I attend on-going and annual trainings on how to best assist individuals with a wide array of disabilities. I’ve been trained on methods of feeding individuals that have difficulty eating and swallowing, lifting and transferring individuals in and out of their wheelchairs, how to assist someone experiencing a seizure and how to identify and report abuse. I love what I do and I believe that I am making a difference everyday!

They Do So Much More Than The Minimum

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Direct Support Professional Thank You



September 2016

I like what Brikney does for me. She does it in an orderly fashion. She takes me to the bathroom and gets me my lunch. She drives me to and from my program. She is a good person because she cares so much. Thank you.